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  • Evolutionary history of mammalian transposons determined by genome-wide defragmentation 

    Giordano, Joti; Ge, Yongchao; Gelfand, Yevgeniy; Abrusán, György; Benson, Gary; Warburton, Peter E. (Public Library of Science, 2007-7-13)
    The constant bombardment of mammalian genomes by transposable elements (TEs) has resulted in TEs comprising at least 45% of the human genome. Because of their great age and abundance, TEs are important in comparative ...
  • TRDB—The Tandem Repeats Database 

    Gelfand, Yevgeniy; Rodriguez, Alfredo; Benson, Gary (Oxford University Press, 2006-12-14)
    Tandem repeats in DNA have been under intensive study for many years, first, as a consequence of their usefulness as genomic markers and DNA fingerprints and more recently as their role in human disease and regulatory ...