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Recently Added

  • Mandinka Ajami address book 

    Thiam, Imam Nimbaly
    This manuscript is an address book. It contains people’s names and their phone numbers. Some of the people mentioned are from Guinea Bissau. The phone numbers are generally spelled out in Mandinka Ajami. However, in some ...
  • Incantation (Saalaaloo) 

    Thiam, Imam Nimbaly (1985)
    This manuscript belongs to the genre called Saalaaloo (incantations) in Mandinka. These incantatory texts are common in Mandinka societies as they are common in other West African Muslim societies. They are meant to be ...
  • Divination pedagogy 

    Thiam, Imam Nimbaly
    This manuscript teaches divination techniques. The techniques are used by Mandinka marabouts (local religiousl leaders and healers) in order to diagnose the supernatural or manmade causes of people’s challenges or ailments, ...
  • Naafulu Soto, Duwaaraŋo, Saalaaloolu, aniŋ Juubeeraŋo: Recipes for fortune, prayers, incantations, and divination records 

    Thiam, Imam Nimbaly
    This collection encompasses several genres of texts including: prayers in Arabic; recipes for happiness and wealth; esoteric diagrams with Arabic text inside of them, and explanations of their purpose along with instructions ...
  • Hamziyya 

    Thiam, Imam Nimbaly
    This manuscript is a poem written to praise the Prophet Muhammad. The poem recounts numerous feats of Muhammad and celebrates his critical role in the expansion of Islam. It is inspired by the well-known panegyric poem ...
  • A Guide for believers 

    Camara, Bakary
    This manuscript includes two poems praising the Prophet Muhammad in Arabic, with extensive interlinear and marginal glosses in Arabic and Mandinka Ajami. The poems recount the different phases of Muhammad’s life, how he ...