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Recently Added

  • The Divine Encounter in Human Need 

    Thurman, Howard (2007-04-10)
    This is the third sermon in the series The Divine Encounter. This sermon focuses on the Divine Encounter in Human Need, reaching within ourselves to help those that may be weak or in pain.
  • The Divine Encounter in Crisis 

    Thurman, Howard (2007-04-09)
    The Divine Encounter in Crisis is part one of three part sermon series. This sermon deals with how our spirtuality and belief in God can help us through difficult times in our lives.
  • The Divine Encounter in the Commonplace 

    Thurman, Howard (2007-04-09)
    This sermon is the second sermon in a series on The Divine Encounter. This one focuses on the commonplace, or finding sprirituality and God in every day life.
  • Life After the Fall 

    Gomes, Peter J. (2001-02-18)
    A sermon delivered by the Rev. Peter J. Gomes at Marsh Chapel at Boston University. "How do we live life in the here and now?" Widely regarded as one of America's most distinguished preachers, Professor Gomes, an American ...
  • Reconciling Your Demons 

    Davis, Illya (1995-11-26)
    In 1995, Illya Davis was Chaplain Associate at Marsh Chapel. Scripture is from Habakkuk, 2 Corinthians 5:11-21, Mark 5:1-20. There is a break in the sermon where the original cassette tape was turned over at 21:57. In ...
  • Making Sense of it All: Learning, Virtue, Piety 

    Fowler, Mark (2003-03-02)
    A sermon on the transfiguration of Christ from Rev. Dr. Mark Fowler. Scripture is from 2 Kings, 2 Corinthians and the Gospel of Mark. Dr. Fowler is a graduate of Boston University School of Theology. IN 2006, Dr. Fowler ...
  • The Healing Vision 

    Willimon, William (1990-02-25)
    A Transfiguration Sunday sermon delivered by Rev. Dr. William Willimon at Marsh Chapel. Scripture readings: Exodus 24:12-18, Psalm 2, 2 Peter 1:16-21, and a Gospel reading. Rev. Willimon is a Bishop in the United Methodist ...

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