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Recently Added

  • Panegyric poems for Prophet Muhammad 

    Bayo, Muhammadu Amin; Bayo, Ousmane
    This manuscript is a collection of several panegyric poems (Arabic: Madḥ) praising Prophet Muhammad. The poems celebrate his struggles, virtues, and success in the nascent days of Islam. They are written in Arabic with ...
  • Divination sciences (Mandinka: Ramuloo) 

    Bayo, Ousmane; Unknown author
    This manuscript is a contemporary copy of a 19th century manual of divination sciences in Mandinka Ajami. Divination sciences are popular in Muslim Africa. They are known in Senegambian Mandinka communities as Ramuloo (from ...
  • Solutions to problems (Mandinka: Jumaloo) 

    Bayo, Muhammadu Amin; Bayo, Ousmane
    This item consists of a collection of several small manuscripts with recipes and remedies to address people’s problems. The social preoccupations that the manuscripts seek to address include: infertility among women, how ...
  • Special prayers to solve problems 

    Bayo, Ousmane
    This short Mandinka Ajami manuscript contains special prayers and techniques used to address specific problems. The manuscript includes names of Prophets, the companions of Prophet Muhammad, and angels. The manuscript was ...