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  • Assessing democratic engagement through student organizations 

    Robiadek, Katherine M.; Strachan, J. Cherie; Bennion, Elizabeth A. (Informa UK Limited, 2019-10-20)
    The National Survey of Student Leaders (NSSL) is the first initiative extending scholarly insights about democratic benefits of participation in civil society associations to student organizations and their leaders on ...
  • Microbial lysate upregulates host oxytocin 

    Varian, Bernard J.; Poutahidis, Theofilos; DiBenedictis, Brett T.; Levkovich, Tatiana; Ibrahim, Yassin; Didyk, Eliska; Shikhman, Lana; Cheung, Harry K.; Hardas, Alexandros; Ricciardi, Catherine E.; Kolandaivelu, Kumaran; Veenema, Alexa H.; Alm, Eric J.; Erdman, Susan E. (Elsevier BV, 2017-03)
    Neuropeptide hormone oxytocin has roles in social bonding, energy metabolism, and wound healing contributing to good physical, mental and social health. It was previously shown that feeding of a human commensal microbe ...