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Recently Added

  • Kuukoy la Maasibo: Kukoi's Failed Coup 

    Toure, El-hadji Seckou
    The manuscript is a copy of the original Mandinka Ajami poem written by El-hadji Seckou Toure from Jarra in The Gambia. The poem deals with the dangerous atmosphere that prevailed in The Gambia during Kukoi Samba Sanyang's ...
  • Lasili Kitaabo aniŋ Banna Sali Kutubo: Rituals and ʻĪd al-ʾaḍḥā Sermon 

    Contains a collection of three small manuscripts, including a three-page religious poem with glosses in Mandinka Ajami, a three-page document dealing with Islamic rituals with glosses in Mandinka Ajami, and an Imam's sermon ...
  • Kaŋ Kalifa Jaabi la Araabukaŋ Kuloolu Karandiro: Arabic Grammar Lessons by Kang Kalifa Diaby 

    Diaby, Kang Kalifa
    The document is a copy from the original written by the famous Mandinka scholar and teacher, Kang Kalifa Diaby. The document is designed to teach Arabic grammar to Mandinka learners. The document is bilingual. Mandinka ...
  • Kaŋ Kalifa Jaabi la Suukuwo: A Poem by Kang Kalifa Diaby 

    Diaby, Kang Kalifa
    The manuscript is a copy of a poem written by the renowned Mandinka scholar, Kang Kalifa Diaby. The poem is dedicated to the Tunisian scholar, Ibn Zayd al-Qayrawānī, who lived in the 4th century (AH). The manuscript is ...
  • Kitaaboo Foloota: The Book Began 

    The manuscript is a Mandinka Ajami poem titled Kitaaboo Foloota (English: The Book Began), which alludes to the beginning of the Quran. The poem praises God and Prophet Muḥammad and teaches tawḥid (English: oneness of God). ...
  • Aqīda: Teaching Islamic Creed 

    Bayo, Ablaye
    The manuscript is a copy from the original Arabic document with glosses in Mandinka Ajami made by Ablaye Bayo in 1983. The document is for students at the elementary level in the Mandinka Islamic curriculum.
  • Tawḥid: Oneness of God 

    The manuscript is a copy of the Arabic original. It deals with the unique attributes of God. It contains new added glosses in Mandinka Ajami, as the blue ink made by a modern pen indicates.
  • Ramuloo I: Divination I 

    The manuscript is a copy from the original document written in Mandinka Ajami by Makili Bayo Bilama. It was a gift given in 1980 to Al-hadji Aboubacar Seydi who was living in Dakar. The manuscript deals with divination ...
  • Ramuloo II: Divination II 

    The manuscript was translated in Mandinka Ajami from the original Arabic version. According to the owner, this copy was made from the Mandinka Ajami translation. It deals with divination techniques (including astrological ...
  • Mandinkakaŋ Suukuwo: Mandinka Devotional Poetry (Sabuuri Yaa Sabuuri) 

    Dabo, Youssouph
    An ephemeral Mandinka Ajami text, which is a copy from the original song written by Youssouph Dabo and popularized by the famous Senegambian Mandinka religious singer, Landing Kintibaa. The song celebrates God and calls ...

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