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Recently Added

  • Nūniyya: A Poem by El-hadji Malick Sy 

    Sy, El-hadji Malick
    The manuscript is a copy of the famous religious poem in Arabic written by the Senegalese Tijāniyya leader, El-hadji Malick Sy. The poem has some glosses in Mandinka Ajami to help readers understand its content.
  • Marmūz al-Ṭanṭarānī 

    bin Abū Bakr, Aḥmad
    The manuscript is a copy of the Arabic poem called Marmūz al-Tantarānī written by Aḥmad bin Abū Bakr al-Tantarānī. The themes discussed in the document include life, death, and the afterlife. It is a bilingual document ...
  • Sitookoto Daabo la Suukuwo: A Poem by Sitokoto Dabo (Yaa Allah, Yaa Rahman, Yaa Rahim) 

    Dabo, Sitokoto
    The manuscript is a copy of the original poem written in Mandinka Ajami by Sitokoto Dabo, the most famous Mandinka Ajami poet of Senegambia. The poem combines praises of God for His protection and mercy with prayers for ...
  • Araabukaŋ Tahamisi Suukuwo: Arabic Takhmīs Poem 

    The manuscript is a copy from the Arabic original. It has extensive glosses in Arabic. It was copied by Abdoulaye Bayo. The poem praises God, celebrates His glory and mercy, emphasizes the importance of knowledge, and gives ...
  • Images of Souleymane Bayo in Kignini 

    Ngom, Ibrahima (2018-07-18)
    Images taken of manuscript owner Souleymane Bayo in Kignini, Kolda, Senegal, for the manuscript digitization work done in July 2018.
  • Kitaaboo Foloota: The Book Began 

    Diadji, Alpha
    This manuscript is a copy of a Mandinka Ajami poem titled Kitaaboo Foloota (English: The Book Began), which alludes to the beginning of the Quran. The poem praises God and Prophet Muḥammad and teaches tawḥīd (English: ...
  • Araabukaŋ Suukuwo: Arabic Poetry 

    The manuscript is a recent copy of an Arabic text. It has extensive glosses in Mandinka Ajami to help local readers understand the content. The document deals with the story of a young man from the Banī Isrā'īl whose parents ...
  • Jajaay Ndiŋo: Knowledge over Material Wealth 

    al-Qayrawānī, Ibn Abī Zayd
    The manuscript is a bilingual Arabic-Mandinka Ajami text that the manuscript owner calls Jajaay Ndiŋo. It is an Arabic poem copied from the original written by Ibn Abī Zayd al-Qayrawānī. It has extensive glosses in Mandinka ...