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Recently Added

  • Image of Bankali and Sadio Faty 

    Ngom, Ibrahima (2018-07-22)
    Image of manuscript owner Bankali Faty (blue and white kaftan), and his brother in Kolda, Senegal, for the manuscript digitization work done in July 2018.
  • Kulufin Karlaa: Special Bilingual Prayers 

    Faty, El-hadji Kemo
    The manuscript is a bilingual Arabic-Mandinka Ajami document that the owners call Kulufin Karlaa. It is copied from the original by El-hadji Kemo Bonko Faty. It deals with special formulas that combine Islamic prayers with ...
  • Allah Tentoo: Praising God 

    Faty, Fode
    The manuscript is primarily written in rudimentary Arabic. It was copied from the original by Fode Faty. It includes Mandinka Ajami glosses and personal notes. It deals with the marvelous life in paradise and enjoins people ...