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Recently Added

  • Suukuwo: Mandinka Ajami Poetry 

    Dabo, Sitokoto
    The manuscript is a copy of the original written in Mandinka Ajami by Arfang Boubacar Dabo, also known as Arfang Sitokoto Dabo. Sitokoto Dabo is the most famous Mandinka Ajami poet in Senegambia. His poems are widely known ...
  • Biniiboo aniŋ Booroo: Panegyric Poetry and Medicinal Text 

    Cisse, Kalifa; Diadji, Alpha
    Consists of two manuscripts. The first is an Arabic panegyric poem celebrating the life and work of Prophet Muḥammad, which contains numerous Arabic glosses. The original author is Alpha Diadji, a famous Mandinka scholar. ...
  • Images of manuscript owner Arfang Cisse (right) and Mosque in Diattircounda 

    Ngom, Ibrahima (2018-07-22)
    Images of manuscript owner Arfang Cisse (right), Ibrahima Yaffa (left), and Mosque in Diattircounda, Kolda, Senegal. Taken during the manuscript digitization work done in July 2018.