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Recently Added

  • Heerebaa Darame la Lasiloo: The Origin of Herba Drame (The Founder of Sunna-Karantaba) 

    Unknown author
    The manuscript is a copy of the original, written in Mandinka Ajami. Fode Aladji Drame, the current owner, copied it in 1977. It is a biography of his great grandfather, Fode Herba Drame (1680-1775), who founded the town ...
  • Dalā’il al-Khayrāt: Waymarks of Benefits 

    al-Jazulī, Muhammad Sulaiman
    The manuscript is a copy of the Arabic original, written by the Moroccan Sufi leader, Muhammad Sulaiman al-Jazulī (death date 1495). It is a collection of prayers for Prophet Muhammad, which is very popular in Muslim ...
  • Mankonombaa Imaamoolu: Imams of Mankonomba 

    Almamy, Diang
    The manuscript is a copy of the original Mandinka Ajami document written by Diang Almamy. This document lists all the Imams who successively led the mosque of Mankonomba. Imams are highly respected authorities in Mandinka ...
  • Kitāb Tanbih al-Afkār: Book of Mandinka Riddles 

    Drame, El-hadji Kemo
    A Mandinka Ajami document with the Arabic title Kitāb Tanbih al-Afkār, which contains over 200 Mandinka riddles and their answers. Knowledge of riddles and their clever meaning is important in Mandinka society.
  • Mankonombaa Alkaaloolu aniŋ Fansuŋ Kayitoolu: Chiefs of Mankonomba and Personal Notes 

    Unknown author
    Contains two small sets of documents written in Mandinka Ajami. The first set provides the list of people who served as village chiefs since the founding of the town of Mankonomba. The second set consists of personal ...
  • Image of Imam El-hadji Kemo Drame 

    Ngom, Ibrahima (2018-09-30)
    Image of manuscript owner Imam El-hadji Kemo Drame in Mankonomba, Sedhiou, Senegal, for the manuscript digitization work done in September 2018.