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Recently Added

  • Kandoolu Kitaaboolu: Multilingual Collection 

    Unknown author
    Contains a rich collection of documents in prose and poetry written in Arabic with glosses in several languages, including Arabic, Mandinka, and Soninke Ajami. The manuscripts include: Biniiboo (Mandinka: panegyric poems ...
  • Images of Ibrahima Badio and the community of Sakar 

    Ngom, Ibrahima (2018-10-05)
    Images of manuscript owner Ibrahima Badio and the community of Sakar, Sedhiou, Senegal, for the manuscript digitization work done in October 2018.
  • Naafulu Soto Duwaa: Prayers for Prosperity 

    Unknown author
    The manuscript is a prayer for prosperity, good luck, and good health used among Mandinka Qadīriyya Sufi disciples of Casamance, who follow the tradition of Mukhtār al-Kuntī. It is written in classical Arabic with a few ...