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Recently Added

  • Mandinkakaŋ Leetaroolu: Letters in Mandinka 

    Unknown author
    The collection contains short notes and letters written by family members in Mandinka Ajami. The first letter is sent from Guinea-Bissau by Sire Mbaa Daffe, who is the aunt of the owner, to greet him and to request that ...
  • Diinoo Koyindiraŋo: Clarifiying Religious Precepts 

    Unknown author
    The manuscript is a photocopy from the original written in Arabic. It is a manual for understanding Islam. It deals with the history of the faith before, during, and after the life of Prophet Muḥammad. It praises God and ...
  • Images of Ansou Daffe and the community of Kandialang (Ziguinchor) 

    Ngom, Ibrahima (2018-05-07)
    Images of manuscript owner Ansou Daffe and the community of Kandialang, Ziguinchor, Senegal, for the manuscript digitization work done in May 2018.
  • Al-'Ashmāwī 

    Unknown author
    The manuscript is a copy of an important Mālikī figh text authored by 'Abd al-Bārī. that is part of the Islamic curriculum in West Africa. The document is a bilingual exegesis of the manual. Arabic words are followed by ...
  • Kitaaboo Foloota: The Book Began 

    Unknown author
    The document is a Mandinka Ajami poem entitled Kitaaboo Foloota (English: The Book Began), which alludes to the beginning of the Quran. The poem praises God and Prophet Muḥammad and teaches tawḥid (English: oneness of God). ...
  • Al-Risāla: The Epistle 

    al-Qayrawānī, Ibn Abī Zayd
    The manuscript is a copy of Risāla by Ibn Abī Zayd al-Qayrawānī, which is one of the earliest Islamic texts that covers what Muslims need to know to fulfil their religious obligations. It is a part of West Africa’s Islamic ...
  • Faatimata Faama: Fatima's Father 

    Daffe, Seckou Mohamadou Lamine
    The manuscript is a tribute to Prophet Muḥammad, Fatimata's father. The poem urges people to follow Prophet Muḥammad's example and teaching. It refers to Prophet Muḥammad as "The one who was taught by Angel Gabriel." It ...
  • Kaŋ Kalifa Jaabi la Suukuwo: Poetry by Kang Kalifa Diaby 

    Diaby, Kang Kalifa
    The manuscript is a copy of the original written by Kang Kalifa Diaby who was an eminent Mandinka scholar in Casamance. The poem praises God for creating human beings and for sending Prophet Muḥammad to bring light and ...