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  • Dāliyyat al-Yūsī 

    ibn Mas‘ūd al-Yūsī, Abū Alī al-Ḥasan
    The Arabic manuscript is a copy of a poem dealing with the life of Prophet Muḥammad and Sufism. It includes extensive glosses in Arabic and Soninke Ajami. It is a copy of an Arabic poem by the 17th-century Moroccan Sufi ...
  • Banāt Su‛ād 

    bin Zuhayr, Ka'b
    The manuscript is a copy of an ancient Arabic poem by Ka'b bin Zuhayr, a famous Arab poet who was initially one of the fiercest critics of Prophet Muḥammad. His criticisms had put him in danger of losing his life. He finally ...
  • Berekoloŋ Keloo: The Berekoloŋ War 

    Diebate, Arfang Karamo
    The manuscript deals with the war between the pre-colonial kingdoms of Kaabu and Fuuta Jalon called Berekoloŋ Keloo in Mandinka. The manuscript goes back to the time when the Fulani of Fuuta Jalon invaded and occupied ...
  • Khaly Madiakhate Kala: a 19th-century Wolof scholar 

    Cisse, Al-hadji Mamadou
    The manuscript is an Arabic poem dealing with important historical events and figures in the 19th century in Senegambia. It tells the story of Khaly Madiakhate Kala who was one of the leading Wolof scholars, and his ...
  • Dureedubaa 

    son of Mouhamadou of Taslima, Abdoul Khadre
    The manuscript, called Dureedubaa by its owner, provides a local history of Sufi writings and training. It celebrates scholars who devoted their lives to the quest and expansion of mystical Sufi knowledge. The manuscript ...
  • Araabukaŋ Suuku Kotooriŋo: old Arabic poem with glosses 

    ibn Ḥusayn, Alī
    The manuscript is an old Arabic poem dealing with Sufism by Alī ibn Ḥusayn (659-713). It includes glosses in Arabic and Soninke. The headings are in red and they use the names of Arabic letters. Different generations have ...
  • Sikicoor Saatee: The Town of Ziguinchor 

    Kane, Abdoulaye
    The manuscript is a poem of farewell written on behalf of the men who were drafted for WWII and about to be shipped to Europe to free France from German occupation. According to the owner, the poem was read in public just ...
  • Tubaaboolu la Boyinkaŋo Farafinaa Bankoolu Kaŋ: European Colonization of Africa 

    of Taslima, Mouhamadou
    The manuscript is a copy of the original Arabic document. It is deals with the life of the author and European colonization in Africa. It describes how Europeans occupied African lands and colonize the people.
  • Maariyo Tentu: Praising Our Lord 

    Cisse, Al-hadji Mamadou
    The manuscript is a devotional Mandinka Ajami poem dealing with ethics and morality and life in this world and the afterlife. It promotes righetous living.
  • Umuru Kayisi la Suukuwo: Imru' al-Qais' Poem 

    al-Qais, Imru'
    The manuscript is a copy a poem of by Imru' al-Qais who lived in the 6th century AD and who is considered the father of Arabic poetry. His work is popular in Mandinka communities. The poem is written in Arabic with extensive ...

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