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The BU ISE team’s research focuses on approaches to overcome the environmental, legal, financial, and demographic barriers to sustainable water management, and to maintain affordability of water. We have worked in Texas and identified opportunities for utilities to integrate One Water strategies into urban water management, including considering demand management and incorporating new approaches to water rate-making to promote affordability and water conservation while managing utility revenue.

Recently Added

  • Sustainable water management: ratemaking & affordability 

    Grinshpun, Michael (Boston University Institute for Sustainable Energy, 2020-06)
    The U.S. is suffering a crisis of affordability, especially among low-income and marginalized communities. One portion of the affordability crisis has received disproportionately little effort and attention—the cost of ...
  • One Water demand management: rethinking ratemaking 

    Grinshpun, Michael; Benzaoui, Josef; Ashmore, Jacqueline (Boston University Institute for Sustainable Energy, 2020-06)
    Many cities in the U.S. are experiencing population growth, causing water demand to grow and straining existing water supplies and infrastructure. Demand management offers opportunities for water utility rate structures ...
  • Integrated urban water management in Texas: a review to inform a one water approach for the future 

    Ashmore, Jacqueline; Cherne-Hendrick, Margaret; Marttin, Victor (Boston University Institute for Sustainable Energy, 2018-04)
    Texas has considerable experience grappling with historic droughts as well as flooding associated with tropical storms and hurricanes, yet the State’s water management challenges are projected to increase. Urban ...
  • One Water strategies for New Braunfels Utilities 

    Ashmore, Jacqueline; Benzaoui, Josef; Grinshpun, Michael (Boston University Institute for Sustainable Energy, 2019-01)
    INTRODUCTION: In February of 2017, Boston University’s Institute for Sustainable Energy (ISE) and the Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation (CGMF) initiated a multi-year project that aims to understand how water utilities ...
  • Water utility of the future: a case study of conservation as a service 

    Grinshpun, Michael; Ashmore, Jacqueline; Benzaoui, Josef (Boston University Institute for Sustainable Energy, 2019-10)
    INTRODUCTION: Water utilities serving growing populations in dry climates face challenges in balancing increasing water demand with scarce supplies. New water supply sources are increasingly expensive and require construction ...