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This is the master collection of contemporary BU theses and dissertations. We plan to consolidate school- and college-specific collections into this one, and add school- and college-specific metadata to enable users to browse appropriately.

Recently Added

  • A history of the University of Puerto Rico Department of Music: 1965–2011 

    Aponte-Gonzalez, Maria Pilar (2020)
    This study seeks to fill a knowledge gap on the history of the University of Puerto Rico Department of Music (UPRDM). With no recorded past and an uncertain future, this historical account and analysis of the UPRDM assesses ...
  • Digital versus traditional advertising and the recogntion of brand intangible assets 

    Song, Xiaotong (2020)
    This paper examines how different advertising media affect the occurrence and nature of brand asset recognition. Prior research documents that advertising is positively associated with firm sales and brand value. However, ...
  • Realms of interim 

    Hui, Tak Cheung (2020)
    Ma Yuan’s ink wash painting series Water Album features seemingly degraded art. Faded ink, yellowed paper, and the residue of time are defining characteristics of her work. However instead of viewing this as damage, I see ...
  • Westbrae 

    Cianfarani, Luc (2020)
    Westbrae is a work written for string quartet composed in 2020. The work is approximately eleven minutes long and focuses on the idea of losing one’s perception of time. Throughout the piece, musical gestures quickly ...
  • Yearn 

    Austin, Izabel (2020)
    Yearn is a work of notated music for string quartet. The piece examines the emotions of longing and loss through the repetition of motivic and timbral fragments, which are continually frustrated and never fully resolved. ...
  • There is coke in the Midas touch, a joke that we rust 

    Cheng, Yu-Tung (2020)
    This work explores the myth of the Midas touch, attempting to recreate Midas’ thaumaturgical condition through sound. The sonic experience is delineated by distinct phases that mimic the process of Midas’ touch, following ...
  • Essays on dynamic asymmetric information equilibria 

    Wang, Yang (2020)
    This thesis studies the anticipative information dissemination under different market and information structures. The first model studies a multiasset continuous time economy with heterogeneous information and a derivative ...
  • "Cinematic art in all its forms": Netflix and the film festival network 

    Walters, Elizabeth (2020)
    This thesis examines the complex and dynamic relationship between the streaming platform Netflix and the world’s most renowned and prestigious film festivals. Film festivals like Cannes and Sundance have often positioned ...
  • Using angle diverse and modulated optical sources for 3D indoor positioning 

    Lam, Emily (2020)
    Indoor positioning is an enabling technology primed to impact the indoor application space as Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) did for the outdoor space. Amongst the competing positioning technologies are methods ...
  • Decentralized scheduling of EV energy and regulation reserve services in distribution network markets 

    Yanikara, Fatma Selin (2020)
    The electricity transmission and distribution (T&D) grid is undergoing a paradigm shift as renewable generation explodes while flexible, storage-like loads are being massively adopted. We address the intermittency and ...

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