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As Boston University's largest academic division, the College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences is the heart of the BU experience. Undergraduates choose from more than 2,500 courses in the humanities, natural and social sciences, and mathematics and computer science and pursue BA programs in more than 70 concentrations. Graduate students can earn an MA or PhD in nearly 50 fields of the humanities; the natural, social, and mathematical sciences; theology; and music. A robust and productive learning environment awaits everyone who enrolls here.

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  • Current status and future prospects of the SNO+ experiment 

    Andringa, S.; Arushanova, E.; Asahi, S.; Askins, M.; Auty, D.J.; Back, A.R.; Barnard, Z.; Barros, N.; Beier, E.W.; Bialek, A.; Biller, S.D.; Blucher, E.; Bonventre, R.; Braid, D.; Caden, E.; Callaghan, E.; Caravaca, J.; Carvalho, J.; Cavalli, L.; Chauhan, D.; Chen, M.; Chkvorets, O.; Clark, K.; Cleveland, B.; Coulter, I.T.; Cressy, D.; Dai, X..; Darrach, C.; Davis-Purcell, B.; Deen, R.; Depatie, M.M.; Descamps, F.; Di Lodovico, F.; Duhaime, N.; Duncan, F.; Dunger, J.; Falk, E.; Fatemighomi, N.; Ford, R.; Gorel, P.; Grant, Christopher; Grullon, S.; Guillian, E.; Hallin, A.L.; Hallman, D.; Hans, S.; Hartnell, J.; Harvey, P.; Hedayatipour, M.; Heintzelman, W.J.; Helmer, R.L.; Hreljac, B.; Hu, J.; Iida, T.; Jackson, C.M.; Jelley, N.A.; Jillings, C.; Jones, C.; Jones, P.G.; Kamdin, K.; Kaptanoglu, T.; Kaspar, J.; Keener, P.; Khaghani, P.; Kippenbrock, L.; Klein, J.R.; Knapik, R.; Kofron, J.N.; Kormos, L.L.; Korte, S.; Kraus, C.; Krauss, C.B.; Labe, K.; Lam, I.; Lan, C.; Land, B.J.; Langrock, S.; LaTorre, A.; Lawson, I.; Lefeuvre, G.M.; Leming, E.J.; Lidgard, J.; Liu, X.; Liu, Y.; Lozza, V.; Maguire, S.; Maio, A.; Majumdar, K.; Manecki, S.; Maneira, J.; Marzec, E.; Mastbaum, A.; McCauley, N.; McDonald, A.B.; McMillan, J.E.; Mekarski, P.; Miller, C.; Mohan, Y.; Mony, E.; Mottram, M.J.; Novikov, V.; O’Keeffe, H.M.; O’Sullivan, E.; Orebi Gann, G.D.; Parnell, M.J.; Peeters, S.J.M.; Pershing, T.; Petriw, Z.; Prior, G.; Prouty, J.C.; Quirk, S.; Reichold, A.; Robertson, A.; Rose, J.; Rosero, R.; Rost, P.M.; Rumleskie, J.; Schumaker, M.A.; Schwendener, M.H.; Scislowski, D.; Secrest, J.; Seddighin, M.; Segui, L.; Seibert, S.; Shantz, T.; Shokair, T.M.; Sibley, L.; Sinclair, J.R.; Singh, K.; Skensved, P.; Sörensen, A.; Sonley, T.; Stainforth, R.; Strait, M.; Stringer, M.I.; Svoboda, R.; Tatar, J.; Tian, L.; Tolich, N.; Tseng, J.; Tseung, H.W.C.; Van Berg, R.; Vázquez-Jáuregui, E.; Virtue, C.; von Krosigk, B.; Walker, J.M.G.; Walker, M.; Wasalski, O.; Waterfield, J.; White, R.F.; Wilson, J.R.; Winchester, T.J.; Wright, A.; Yeh, M.; Zhao, T.; Zuber, K. (Hindawi Limited, 2016)
    SNO+ is a large liquid scintillator-based experiment located 2 km underground at SNOLAB, Sudbury, Canada. It reuses the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory detector, consisting of a 12 m diameter acrylic vessel which will be ...
  • The mini-CAPTAIN liquid argon time projection chamber 

    Grant, Christopher (Elsevier, 2020)
  • Review of Agnes Callard, aspiration 

    Katsafanas, Paul (Wiley, 2021)
  • High time for conservation: adding the environment to the debate on marijuana liberalization 

    Carah, Jennifer K.; Howard, Jeanette K.; Thompson, Sally E.; Short Gianotti, Anne G.; Bauer, Scott D.; Carlson, Stephanie M.; Dralle, David N.; Gabriel, Mourad W.; Hulette, Lisa L.; Johnson, Brian J.; Knight, Curtis A.; Kupferberg, Sarah J.; Martin, Stefanie L.; Naylor, Rosamond L.; Power, Mary E. (2015-08-01)
    The liberalization of marijuana policies, including the legalization of medical and recreational marijuana, is sweeping the United States and other countries. Marijuana cultivation can have significant negative collateral ...
  • Mean field limits of particle-based stochastic reaction-diffusion models 

    Isaacson, Samuel A.; Ma, Jingwei; Spiliopoulos, Konstantinos (2020)
    Particle-based stochastic reaction-diffusion (PBSRD) models are a popular approach for studying biological systems involving both noise in the reaction process and diffusive transport. In this work we derive coarse-grained ...
  • How reaction-diffusion PDEs approximate the large-population limit of stochastic particle models 

    Isaacson, Samuel A.; Ma, Jingwei; Spiliopoulos, Konstantinos (2021)
    Reaction-diffusion PDEs and particle-based stochastic reaction-diffusion (PBSRD) models are commonly-used approaches for modeling the spatial dynamics of chemical and biological systems. Standard reaction-diffusion PDE ...
  • Directionally accelerated detection of an unknown second reactor with antineutrinos for mid-field nonproliferation monitoring 

    Danielson, D.L.; Akindele, O.A.; Askins, M.; Bergevin, M.; Bernstein, A.; Burns, J.; Carroll, A.; Coleman, J.; Collins, R.; Connor, C.; Cowen, D.F.; Dalnoki-Veress, F.; Dazeley, S.; Diwan, M.V.; Duron, J.; Dye, S.T.; Eisch, J.; Ezeribe, A.; Fischer, V.; Foster, R.; Frankiewicz, K.; Grant, C.; Gribble, J.; He, J.; Holligan, C.; Holt, G.; Huang, W.; Jovanovic, I.; Kneale, L.; Korkeila, L.; Kudryavtsev, V.A.; Kunkle, P.; Mak, R. Lap Keung; Learned, J.G.; Lewis, P.; Li, V.A.; Liu, X.; Malek, M.; Maricic, J.; Mauger, C.; McCauley, N.; Metelko, C.; Mills, R.; Muheim, F.; Murphy, A. St. J.; Needham, M.; Nishimura, K.; Gann, G.D. Orebi; Paling, S.M.; Pershing, T.; Pickard, L.; Pinheiro, B.; Quillin, S.; Rogers, S.; Scarff, A.; Schnellbach, Y.; Scovell, P.R.; Shaw, T.; Shebalin, V.; Smith, G.D.; Smy, M.B.; Spooner, N.; Sutanto, F.; Svoboda, R.; Thompson, L.F.; Toth, C.; Vagins, M.R.; Ventura, S.; Wetstein, M.J.; Yeh, M. (2019)
    When monitoring a reactor site for nuclear nonproliferation purposes, the presence of an unknown or hidden nuclear reactor could be obscured by the activities of a known reactor of much greater power nearby. Thus when ...
  • Opportunities with decay-at-rest neutrinos from decay-In-flight neutrino beams 

    Grant, C.; Littlejohn, B.R. (2015-10-28)
    Neutrino beam facilities, like spallation neutron facilities, produce copious quantities of neutrinos from the decay at rest of mesons and muons. The viability of decay-in-flight neutrino beams as sites for decay-at-rest ...
  • Measurement of the neutron capture cross section on argon 

    Fischer, V.; Pagani, L.; Pickard, L.; Couture, A.; Gardiner, S.; Grant, C.; He, J.; Johnson, T.; Pantic, E.; Prokop, C.; Svoboda, R.; Ullmann, J.; Wang, J. (American Physical Society (APS), 2019)
    The use of argon as a detection and shielding medium for neutrino and dark matter experiments has made the precise knowledge of the cross section for neutron capture on argon an important design and operational parameter. ...
  • Absolute calibration of the DANCE thermal neutron beam using sodium activation 

    Fischer, V.; Pagani, L.; Pickard, L.; Grant, C.; He, J.; Pantic, E.; Svoboda, R.; Ullmann, J.; Wang, J. (Elsevier BV, 2019-06)

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