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As Boston University's largest academic division, the College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences is the heart of the BU experience. Undergraduates choose from more than 2,500 courses in the humanities, natural and social sciences, and mathematics and computer science and pursue BA programs in more than 70 concentrations. Graduate students can earn an MA or PhD in nearly 50 fields of the humanities; the natural, social, and mathematical sciences; theology; and music. A robust and productive learning environment awaits everyone who enrolls here.

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  • Quantum hydrodynamics in spin chains with phase space methods 

    Polkovnikov, Anatoli; Wurtz, Jonathan (2020-05-15)
    Connecting short time microscopic dynamics with long time hydrodynamics in strongly correlated quantum systems is one of the outstanding questions. In particular, it is very difficult to determine various hydrodynamic ...
  • Brain function and clinical characterization in the Boston adolescent neuroimaging of depression and anxiety study 

    Hubbard, N. A.; Siless, V.; Frosch, I. R.; Goncalves, M.; Lo, N.; Wang, J.; Bauer, C. C. C.; Conroy, K.; Cosby, E.; Hay, A.; Jones, Rosanna; Pinaire, M.; Vaz De Souza, F.; Vergara, G.; Ghosh, S.; Henin, A.; Hirshfeld-Becker, D. R.; Hofmann, Stefan G.; Rosso, I. M.; Auerbach, R. P.; Pizzagalli, D. A.; Yendiki, A.; Gabrieli, J. D. E.; Whitfield-Gabrieli, S. (2020-03-12)
    We present a Human Connectome Project study tailored toward adolescent anxiety and depression. This study is one of the first studies of the Connectomes Related to Human Diseases initiative and is collecting structural, ...
  • On the Chinese character 吃 (eat) 

    Huang, Weijia; Hsueh, Aaron (The Commercial Press, Beijing China, 2020-07-01)
  • On the Chinese character 卫 (guard) 

    Huang, Weijia; Hsueh, Aaron; Sun, Jiahui (The Commercial Press, Beijing China, 2020-05-01)
  • On the Chinese character 品 (varieties) 

    Huang, Weijia; Tan, Yunfei (The Commercial Press, Beijing China, 2020-03-01)
  • Stable multi-level monotonic eroders 

    Gács, Péter; Törmä, Ilkka (2018)
    Eroders are monotonic cellular automata with a linearly ordered state set that eventually wipe out any finite island of nonzero states. One-dimensional eroders were studied by Gal’perin in the 1970s, who presented a simple ...
  • Assessment of text level using deep learning methods 

    Henstock, Mariko; Winchell, Jeff; Henstock, Peter (2019-05-05)
    Reading authentic materials is important for not only language instruction but for empowering language students to pursue their interests. However, given the difficulty in learning the Japanese language, identifying materials ...
  • Presentations at the novice level: connecting presentation skills and content 

    Henstock, Mariko; Yamanaka, Emi (2020-03-19)
    言語教育の中では、初級から上級に至るまでスピーチや研究発表等の口頭発表が言語能力やスキルの向上を目的として取り入れられている。コミュニケーションにはinterpretive, interpersonal, presentationalのモードがあるが、初級段階では文法や語彙を重視した旅行や家族等の日常生活についての話題が多く (和泉元他2005)、 presentational モードについては中級以降の研究発表等で指導が行われる場合が ...
  • “Infamia y vandalismo” (1944), una colaboración significativa de José Revueltas 

    Nogales Baena, José Luis; Sainz Paz, Francisco Javier (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, 2020)
    Resumen Este trabajo rescata un breve ensayo de José Revueltas, el artículo “Infamia y vandalismo”, publicado en noviembre de 1944 en el primer número de lo que fuera el órgano de expresión del Instituto de Intercambio ...
  • Una aproximación a las cartas de relación de Pedro de Alvarado: Problemas ecdóticos y discurso caballeresco 

    Nogales Baena, José Luis (2020-07-10)
    RESUMEN: Las dos cartas de relación de Pedro de Alvarado retratan de modo ejemplar la voz de uno de los principales protagonistas de la “conquista” y, en concreto, el discurso legitimador de la conquista o invasión de ...

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