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Recently Added

  • Dimensions and Pivot: Finding Collaborators, Identifying Funding 

    Phillips, Ellen (2018-10-25)
    Presentation made to BU faculty, staff and students on using the two commercial software platforms Dimensions by Digital Science and Pivot by ProQuest to find grants, other researchers to collaborate with, and opportunities ...
  • What Beyonce can teach us about Open Access 

    Newman, Anna (2017-12)
    This presentation uses Beyonce's album "Lemonade" as an example to explain the concept of open access. By framing "Lemonade" as an information resource, the presentation explores modes of and barriers to access and encourages ...
  • BU's Opt-out Open Access Policy 

    Newman, Anna (2017)
  • Cloud-sourcing Research Collections: Managing Print in the Mass-digitized Library Environment 

    Malpas, Constance (OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Inc., 2011-01)
    A report of key findings of the Cloud Library project, an effort jointly designed and executed by OCLC Research, the HathiTrust, New York University's Elmer Bobst Library, and the Research Collections Access & Preservation ...
  • A Guide to Distributed Digital Preservation 

    Skinner, Katherine; Schultz, Matt (Educopia Institute, 2010)
    This volume is devoted to the broad topic of distributed digital preservation, a still-emerging field of practice for the cultural memory arena. Replication and distribution hold out the promise of indefinite preservation ...
  • Institutional Repositories, Policies, and Disruption 

    Lindahl, David; Bell, Suzanne; Gibbons, Susan; Foster, Nancy Fried (University of Rochester, River Campus Libraries, 2007-04-02)
    For many librarians, institutional repositories (IRs) promised significant change for academic libraries. We envisioned enlarging collection development scope to include locally produced scholarship and an expansion of ...
  • DSpace Manual: Software version 1.5 

    DSpace Foundation (The DSpace Foundation, 2008-05)
    DSpace is an open source software platform that enables organizations to: - Capture and describe digital material using a submission workflow module, or a variety of programmatic ingest options - Distribute an organization's ...