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The College of Engineering at Boston University is a community of students, faculty, and staff focused on advancing science and technology through research and discovery, and preparing students to be technology leaders in the 21st century. Undergraduate students participate in a comprehensive core curriculum that sets the foundation for their engineering studies while delivering a breadth of education across the humanities, mathematics, and social and natural sciences. Through an array of majors and concentrations, they can study aerospace, biomedical, computer, electrical, manufacturing or mechanical engineering, as well as nanotechnology, and energy technologies and environmental engineering. They also have the opportunity work side-by-side with research faculty in a number of modern, high-tech facilities. Graduate students partake in myriad programs and research opportunities leading to doctoral or master’s degrees in biomedical, computer, computer systems, electrical, manufacturing, mechanical, global manufacturing, photonics, systems, or materials science and engineering.

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Recently Added

  • Standardizing design performance comparison in microfluidic manufacturing 

    Sanka, Radhakrishna; Crites, Brian; Lippai, Joshua; McDaniel, Jeffery; Brisk, Philip; Densmore, Douglas (IWBDA 2018, 2018-08)
    Microfluidic devices published in literature today lack sufficient information for automating the physical design process. Moreover, the constantly changing landscape of manufacturing and technological requirements poses ...
  • Automating functional enzyme screening & characterization 

    Ortiz, Luis; Lashkaripour, Ali; Densmore, Douglas (International Workshop on Bio-Design Automation (IWBDA), 2018-08-03)
    Microfluidics continue to gain traction as an inexpensive alternative to standard multi-well plate-based, and flow cytometry- based, assay platforms. These devices are especially useful for the types of ultra-high throughput ...
  • A reverse predictive model towards design automation of microfluidic droplet generators 

    Lashkaripour, Ali; Rodriguez, Christopher; Douglas, Densmore (International Workshop on Bio-Design Automation (IWBDA), 2018-08-03)
    Droplet-based microfluidic devices in comparison to test tubes can reduce reaction volumes 10^9 times and more due to the encapsulation of reactions in micro-scale droplets [4]. This volume reduction, alongside higher ...
  • Elastic waves in a soft electrically conducting solid in a strong magnetic field 

    Gendin, Daniel; Barbone, Paul E. (2017-05)
    Shear wave motion of a soft, electrically-conducting solid in the presence of a strong magnetic field excites eddy currents in the solid. These, in turn, give rise to Lorentz forces that resist the wave motion. ...
  • Shear waves in prestrained poroelastic media 

    Nazari, Navid; Barbone, Paul E. (2017-05)
    Shear wave elastography measures shear wave speed in soft tissues for diagnostic purposes. In [1], shear wave speed was shown to depend on prestrain, but not necessarily prestress, in a perfused canine ...
  • Response of convection electric fields in the magnetosphere to IMF orientation change 

    Nishimura, Y.; Kikuchi, T.; Wygant, J.; Shinbori, A.; Ono, T.; Matsuoka, A.; Nagatsuma, T.; Brautigam, D. (2009)
    [1] The transient response of convection electric fields in the inner magnetosphere to southward turning of the interplanetary magnetic field (IMF) is investigated using in‐situ electric field observations by the CRRES and ...
  • User-profile-based analytics for detecting cloud security breaches 

    Tiwari, Trishita; Turk, Ata; Oprea, Alina; Olcoz, Katzalin; Coskun, Ayse K. (IEEE, 2017-01-01)
    While the growth of cloud-based technologies has benefited the society tremendously, it has also increased the surface area for cyber attacks. Given that cloud services are prevalent today, it is critical to devise systems ...
  • The impact of vaporized nanoemulsions on ultrasound-mediated ablation 

    Zhang, Peng; Kopechek, Jonathan A.; Porter, Tyrone M. (2013)
    BACKGROUND: The clinical feasibility of using high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) for ablation of solid tumors is limited by the high acoustic pressures and long treatment times required. The presence of microbubbles ...
  • On the topological characterization of near force-free magnetic fields, and the work of late-onset visually-impaired topologists 

    Kotiuga, P. Robert (AMER INST MATHEMATICAL SCIENCES-AIMS, 2016-02-01)
    The Giroux correspondence and the notion of a near force-free magnetic field are used to topologically characterize near force-free magnetic fields which describe a variety of physical processes, including plasma equilibrium. ...
  • Self-adjoint curl operators 

    Hiptmair, Ralf; Kotiuga, Peter Robert; Tordeux, Sebastien (Springer, 2012-09-01)
    We study the exterior derivative as a symmetric unbounded operator on square integrable 1-forms on a 3D bounded domain D. We aim to identify boundary conditions that render this operator self-adjoint. By the symplectic ...

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