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  • Design space exploration of neural network activation function circuits 

    Yang, Tao; Wei, Yadong; Tu, Zhijun; Zeng, Haolun; Kinsy, Michel A.; Zheng, Nanning; Ren, Pengju (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2019-10)
    The widespread application of artificial neural networks has prompted researchers to experiment with field-programmable gate array and customized ASIC designs to speed up their computation. These implementation efforts ...
  • A lightweight McEliece cryptosystem co-processor design 

    Bu, Lake; Agrawal, Rashmi; Cheng, Hai; Kinsy, Michel A.
    Due to the rapid advances in the development of quantum computers and their susceptibility to errors, there is a renewed interest in error correction algorithms. In particular, error correcting code-based cryptosystems ...
  • Sphinx: a secure architecture based on binary code diversification and execution obfuscation 

    Kinsy, Michel A.; Kava, Donato; Ehret, Alan; Mark, Miguel (2018)
    Sphinx, a hardware-software co-design architecture for binary code and runtime obfuscation. The Sphinx architecture uses binary code diversification and self-reconfigurable processing elements to maintain application ...
  • Post-quantum cryptographic hardware primitives 

    Bu, Lake; Agrawal, Rashmi; Cheng, Hai; Kinsy, Michel A.
    The development and implementation of post-quantum cryptosystems have become a pressing issue in the design of secure computing systems, as general quantum computers have become more feasible in the last two years. In this ...
  • Code trolley: hardware-assisted control flow obfuscation 

    Boskov, Novak; Isakov, Mihailo; Kinsy, Michel A.
    Many cybersecurity attacks rely on analyzing a binary executable to find exploitable sections of code. Code obfuscation is used to prevent attackers from reverse engineering these executables. In this work, we focus on ...
  • BRISC-V emulator: a standalone, installation-free, browser-based teaching tool 

    Isakov, Mihailo; Kinsy, Michel A.
    Many computer organization and computer architecture classes have recently started adopting the RISC-V architecture as an alternative to proprietary RISC ISAs and architectures. Emulators are a common teaching tool used ...
  • Masquerade attack detection through observation planning for multi-robot systems 

    Wardega, Kacper; Tron, Roberto; Li, Wenchao (2019-05-13)
    The increasing adoption of autonomous mobile robots comes with a rising concern over the security of these systems. In this work, we examine the dangers that an adversary could pose in a multi-agent robot system. We ...
  • Monolayer MoS2 strained to 1.3% with a microelectromechanical system 

    Christopher, Jason W.; Vutukuru, Mounika; Lloyd, David; Bunch, J. Scott; Goldberg, Bennett B.; Bishop, David J.; Swan, Anna K. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2019-04)
    We report on a modified transfer technique for atomically thin materials integrated onto microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) for studying strain physics and creating strain-based devices. Our method tolerates the ...
  • A maximum spreading speed for magnetopause reconnection 

    Walsh, Brian M.; Welling, D. T.; Zou, Y.; Nishimura, Y. (2018)
    Past observations and numerical modeling find magnetic reconnection to initiate at a localized region and then spread along a current sheet. The rate of spreading has been proposed to be controlled by a number of mechanisms ...
  • Topological qubits as carriers of quantum information in optics 

    Jaeger, Gregg; Simon, David S.; Sergienko, Alexander V. (MDPI, 2019-02-01)
    Winding number is a topologically significant quantity that has found valuable applications in various areas of mathematical physics. Here, topological qubits are shown capable of formation from winding number superpositions ...

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