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Recently Added

  • Design automation of microfluidic droplet sorting platforms 

    McIntyre, David; Densmore, Douglas (11th International Workshop on Bio-Design Automation (IWBDA-19), 2019-07)
    Both basic research and biological design require high throughput screening to parse through the massive amounts of variants generated in experiments. However, the cost and expertise needed for use of such technology ...
  • One for all and all for one: improving replication of genetic studies through network diffusion 

    Lancour, Daniel; Naj, Adam; Mayeux, Richard; Haines, Jonathan L.; Pericak-Vance, Margaret A.; Schellenberg, Gerard C.; Crovella, Mark; Farrer, Lindsay A.; Kasif, Simon (PUBLIC LIBRARY SCIENCE, 2018-04-01)
    Improving accuracy in genetic studies would greatly accelerate understanding the genetic basis of complex diseases. One approach to achieve such an improvement for risk variants identified by the genome wide association ...
  • Partial volume correction for PET quantification and its impact on brain network in Alzheimer's disease 

    Yang, Jiarui; Hu, Chenhui; Guo, Ning; Dutta, Joyita; Vaina, Lucia M.; Johnson, Keith A.; Sepulcre, Jorge; El Fakhri, Georges; Li, Quanzheng (Nature Publishing Group, 2017-10-12)
    Amyloid positron emission tomography (PET) imaging is a valuable tool for research and diagnosis in Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Partial volume effects caused by the limited spatial resolution of PET scanners degrades the ...
  • The emotional valence of subliminal priming effects perception of facial expressions 

    Huang, Melissa A.; Rana, Kunjan D.; Vaina, Lucia M. (2016)
    We investigated, in young healthy subjects, how the affective content of subliminally presented priming images and their specific visual attributes impacted conscious perception of facial expressions. The priming images ...
  • Maturation trajectories of cortical resting-state networks depend on the mediating frequency band 

    Khan, Sheraz; Hashmi, Javeria A.; Mamashli, Fahimeh; Michmizos, Konstantinos; Kitzbichler, Manfred G.; Bharadwaj, Hari; Bekhti, Yousra; Ganesan, Santosh; Garel, Keri-Lee A.; Whitfield-Gabrieli, Susan; Gollub, Randy L.; Kong, Jian; Vaina, Lucia M.; Rana, Kunjan D.; Stufflebeam, Steven M.; Hamalainen, Matti S.; Kenet, Tal (Academic Press Inc Elsevier Science, 2018-07-01)
    The functional significance of resting state networks and their abnormal manifestations in psychiatric disorders are firmly established, as is the importance of the cortical rhythms in mediating these networks. Resting ...
  • Improving the nulling beamformer using subspace suppression 

    Vaina, Lucia M.; Rana, Kunjan; Hämäläinen, Matti (Frontiers Media, 2018-04-29)
    Magnetoencephalography (MEG) captures the magnetic fields generated by neuronal current sources with sensors outside the head. In MEG analysis these current sources are estimated from the measured data to identify the ...
  • Functional neuroanatomy of time-to-passage perception 

    Geng, Yansong; Sikoglu, Elif M.; Hecht, Heiko; Vaina, Lucia M. (Scientific Research Publishing, 2018)
    The time until an approaching object passes the observer is referred to as time-to-passage (TTP). Accurate judgment of TTP is critical for visually guided navigation, such as when walking, riding a bicycle, or driving a ...
  • A paperfluidic platform to detect Neisseria gonorrhoeae in clinical samples 

    Horst, Audrey L.; Rosenbohm, Justin M.; Kolluri, Nikunja; Hardick, Justin; Gaydos, Charlotte A.; Cabodi, Mario; Klapperich, Catherine M.; Linnes, Jacqueline C. (Springer, 2018-04-11)
    Globally, the microbe Neisseria gonorrhoeae (NG) causes 106 million newly documented sexually transmitted infections each year. Once appropriately diagnosed, NG infections can be readily treated with antibiotics, but ...
  • Cortical gamma rhythms modulate NMDAR-mediated spike timing dependent plasticity in a biophysical model 

    Lee, Shane; Sen, Kamal; Kopell, Nancy (Public Library of Science, 2009-12-01)
    Spike timing dependent plasticity (STDP) has been observed experimentally in vitro and is a widely studied neural algorithm for synaptic modification. While the functional role of STDP has been investigated extensively, ...
  • Representation of time-varying stimuli by a network exhibiting oscillations on a faster time scale 

    Shamir, Maoz; Ghitza, Oded; Epstein, Steven; Kopell, Nancy (Public Library of Science, 2009-05-01)
    Sensory processing is associated with gamma frequency oscillations (30–80 Hz) in sensory cortices. This raises the question whether gamma oscillations can be directly involved in the representation of time-varying stimuli, ...

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