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  • Active learning for efficient microfluidic design automation 

    McIntyre, David; Lashkaripour, Ali; Densmore, Douglas (IWBDA, 2020-08-03)
    Droplet microfluidics has the potential to eliminate the testing bottleneck in synthetic biology by screening biological samples encapsulated in water-in-oil emulsions at unprecedented throughput. Sophisticated screens ...
  • Efficient large-scale microfluidic design-space exploration: from data to model to data 

    Lashkaripour, Ali; McIntyre, David; Densmore, Douglas (IWBDA, 2020-08-03)
    Droplet microfluidics is well poised to improve the gold standard in many fields such as synthetic biology. However, the lack of available design automation tools that can create a microfluidic droplet generator based on ...
  • Dependence of the MR signal on the magnetic susceptibility of blood studied with models based on real microvascular networks 

    Cheng, Xiaojun; Berman, Avery J. L.; Polimeni, Jonathan R.; Buxton, Richard B.; Gagnon, Louis; Devor, Anna; Sakadzic, Sava; Boas, David A. (Wiley, 2019-06)
    PURPOSE: The primary goal of this study was to estimate the value of beta , the exponent in the power law relating changes of the transverse relaxation rate and intra-extravascular local magnetic susceptibility differences ...
  • Awake mouse imaging: from two-photon microscopy to blood oxygen level-dependent functional magnetic resonance imaging 

    Desjardins, Michèle; Kilic, Kivilcim; Thunemann, Martin; Mateo, Celine; Holland, Dominic; Ferri, Christopher G. L.; Cremonesi, Jonathan A.; Li, Baoqiang; Cheng, Qun; Weldy, Kimberly L.; Saisan, Payam A.; Kleinfeld, David; Komiyama, Takaki; Liu, Thomas T.; Bussell, Robert; Wong, Eric C.; Scadeng, Miriam; Dunn, Andrew K.; Boas, David A.; Sakadzic, Sava; Mandeville, Joseph B.; Buxton, Richard B.; Dale, Anders M.; Devor, Anna (Elsevier, 2019-06)
    BACKGROUND: Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) in awake behaving mice is well positioned to bridge the detailed cellular-level view of brain activity, which has become available owing to recent advances in ...
  • Effect of residual interatrial shunt on migraine burden after transcatheter closure of patent foramen ovale 

    Ben-Assa, Eyal; Rengifo-Moreno, Pablo; Al-Bawardy, Rasha; Kolte, Dhaval; Cigarroa, Ricardo; Cruz-Gonzalez, Ignacio; Sakhuja, Rahul; Elmariah, Sammy; Pomerantsev, Eugene; Vaina, Lucia M.; Ning, MingMing; Buonanno, Ferdinando S.; Hung, Judy W.; Inglessis, Ignacio; Palacios, Igor F. (JACC, 2020-02-10)
    OBJECTIVES: This study sought to evaluate the long-term effect of transcatheter patent foramen ovale (PFO) closure on migraineurs with and without aura and examine the effect of residual right-to-left shunt. BACKGROUND: ...
  • Epistatic interaction maps relative to multiple metabolic phenotypes 

    Snitkin, Evan S.; Segrè, Daniel (Public Library of Science, 2011-02-01)
    An epistatic interaction between two genes occurs when the phenotypic impact of one gene depends on another gene, often exposing a functional association between them. Due to experimental scalability and to evolutionary ...
  • Acoustic facilitation of object movement detection during self-motion 

    Calabro, Finnegan J.; Soto-Faraco, S.; Vaina, Lucia M. (The Royal Society, 2011-09-22)
    In humans, as well as most animal species, perception of object motion is critical to successful interaction with the surrounding environment. Yet, as the observer also moves, the retinal projections of the various motion ...
  • Differential cortical activation during the perception of moving objects along different trajectories 

    Calabro, Finnegan J.; Beardsley, Scott A.; Vaina, Lucia M. (Springer, 2019-01-01)
    Detection of 3D object motion trajectories depends on the integration of two distinct visual cues: translational displacement and looming. Electrophysiological studies have identified distinct neuronal populations whose ...
  • Peripheral visual localization is degraded by globally incongruent auditory-spatial attention cues 

    Ahveninen, Jyrki; Ingalls, Grace; Yildirim, Funda; Calabro, Finnegan J.; Vaina, Lucia M. (Springer, 2019-06-14)
    Global auditory-spatial orienting cues help the detection of weak visual stimuli, but it is not clear whether crossmodal attention cues also enhance the resolution of visuospatial discrimination. Here, we hypothesized that ...
  • Sensing with photoluminescent semiconductor quantum dots 

    Chern, Margaret; Kays, Joshua C.; Bhuckory, Shashi; Dennis, Allison M. (IOP PUBLISHING LTD, 2019-01-01)
    Fluorescent sensors benefit from high signal-to-noise and multiple measurement modalities, enabling a multitude of applications and flexibility of design. Semiconductor nanocrystal quantum dots (QDs) are excellent fluorophores ...

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