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  • Atomistic simulations of tension-induced large deformation and stretchability in graphene kirigami 

    Qi, Zenan; Campbell, David K.; Park, Harold S. (AMER PHYSICAL SOC, 2014-12-30)
    Graphene's exceptional mechanical properties, including its highest-known stiffness (1 TPa) and strength (100 GPa), have been exploited for various structural applications. However, graphene is also known to be quite ...
  • Kirigami actuators 

    Dias, Marcelo A.; McCarron, Michael P.; Rayneau-Kirkhope, Daniel; Hanakata, Paul Z.; Campbell, David K.; Park, Harold S.; Holmes, Douglas P. (ROYAL SOC CHEMISTRY, 2017-12-28)
    Thin elastic sheets bend easily and, if they are patterned with cuts, can deform in sophisticated ways. Here we show that carefully tuning the location and arrangement of cuts within thin sheets enables the design of ...
  • Non-linear temperature-dependent curvature of a phase change composite bimorph beam 

    Blonder, Greg (IOP Publishing, 2017)
    Bimorph films curl in response to temperature. The degree of curvature typically varies in proportion to the difference in thermal expansion of the individual layers, and linearly with temperature. In many applications, ...
  • Non-linear temperature-dependent curvature of a Phase Change Composite Bimorph beam 

    Blonder, Greg E. (2017)
    Bimorph films curl in response to temperature. The degree of curvature typically varies linearly with temperature and in proportion to the difference in thermal expansion of the individual layers. In many applications, ...
  • Horn-like space-coiling metamaterials toward simultaneous phase and amplitude modulation 

    Ghaffarivardavagh, Reza; Nikolajczyk, Jacob; Anderson, Stephan; Zhang, Xin; Holt, R. Glynn (Nature Publishing Group, 2018-04-10)
    Acoustic metasurfaces represent a family of planar wavefront-shaping devices garnering increasing attention due to their capacity for novel acoustic wave manipulation. By precisely tailoring the geometry of these engineered ...
  • Elastic waves in a soft electrically conducting solid in a strong magnetic field 

    Gendin, Daniel; Barbone, Paul E. (2017-05)
    Shear wave motion of a soft, electrically-conducting solid in the presence of a strong magnetic field excites eddy currents in the solid. These, in turn, give rise to Lorentz forces that resist the wave motion. ...
  • Shear waves in prestrained poroelastic media 

    Nazari, Navid; Barbone, Paul E. (2017-05)
    Shear wave elastography measures shear wave speed in soft tissues for diagnostic purposes. In [1], shear wave speed was shown to depend on prestrain, but not necessarily prestress, in a perfused canine ...
  • Shift factor-based SCOPF topology control MIP formulations with substation configurations 

    Goldis, Evgeniy A.; Ruiz, Pablo A.; Caramanis, Michael C.; Li, Xiaoguang; Philbrick, C. Russ; Rudkevich, Aleksandr M. (IEEE, 2017-03-01)
    Topology control (TC) is an effective tool for managing congestion, contingency events, and overload control. The majority of TC research has focused on line and transformer switching. Substation reconfiguration is an ...
  • The impact of vaporized nanoemulsions on ultrasound-mediated ablation 

    Zhang, Peng; Kopechek, Jonathan A.; Porter, Tyrone M. (2013)
    BACKGROUND: The clinical feasibility of using high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) for ablation of solid tumors is limited by the high acoustic pressures and long treatment times required. The presence of microbubbles ...
  • High fat diet deviates PtC-specific B1 B cell phagocytosis in obese mice 

    Vo, Hung; Chiu, Joanna; Allaimo, Danielle; Mao, Changchuin; Wang, Yaqi; Gong, Yuefei; Ow, Hooisweng; Porter, Tyrone; Zhong, Xuemei (2014-12)
    Phagocytosis had been attributed predominantly to "professional" phagocytes such as macrophages, which play critical roles in adipose tissue inflammation. However, recently, macrophage-like phagocytic activity has been ...

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