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Mathematics plays a critical role in efforts to understand the nature of the physical universe and in the continuing development of technology. Emphasizing excellence in both research and teaching, the Mathematics & Statistics Department at BU offers a wide range of courses in pure and applied mathematics and statistics at the undergraduate and graduate level. The department has particularly strong groups in dynamical systems and applications, geometry/topology, mathematical physics, number theory, and probability and statistics.


Department chair: Tasso Kaper
Campus address: 111 Cummington Street
Phone: 617-353-2560
Fax: 617-353-8100

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Recently Added

  • Mirror of Atiyah flop in symplectic geometry and stability conditions 

    Fan, Yu-Wei; Hong, Hansol; Lau, Siu-Cheong; Yau, Shing-Tung
    We study the mirror operation of the Atiyah flop in symplectic geometry. We formulate the operation for a symplectic manifold with a Lagrangian fibration. Furthermore we construct geometric stability conditions on the ...
  • Moduli of Lagrangian immersions with formal deformations 

    Lau, Siu Cheong; Hong, Hansol
    We introduce a joint project with Cheol-Hyun Cho on the construction of quantum-corrected moduli of Lagrangian immersions. The construction has important applications to mirror symmetry for pair-of-pants decompositions, ...
  • Generalized SYZ mirror transformation 

    Lau, Siu-Cheong
    Strominger-Yau-Zaslow proposed that mirror symmetry can be understood by torus duality. In this article we explain how it fits into a bigger framework, where tori are replaced by general Lagrangian immersions. The generalized ...
  • Quantum corrections and wall-crossing via Lagrangian intersections 

    Lau, Siu-Cheong
    This article introduces the past and ongoing works on quantum corrections in SYZ from the author’s perspective. It emphasizes on a method of gluing local pieces of mirrors using isomorphisms between immersed Lagrangians, ...
  • Instability of pulses in gradient reaction-diffusion systems: a symplectic approach 

    Beck, Margaret A.; Latushkin, Yuri; Cox, Graham; Mcquighan, Kelly; Jones, Christopher; Sukhtayev, Alim
    In a scalar reaction-diffusion equation, it is known that the stability of a steady state can be determined from the Maslov index, a topological invariant that counts the state's critical points. In particular, this implies ...
  • Slopes of modular forms and the ghost conjecture 

    Pollack, Robert J.; Bergdall, John (2017-05)
    We formulate a conjecture on slopes of overconvergent p-adic cusp forms of any p-adic weight in the Gamma_0(N)-regular case. This conjecture unifies a conjecture of Buzzard on classical slopes and more recent conjectures ...
  • Probabilistic Protein Function Prediction from Heterogeneous Genome-Wide Data 

    Nariai, Naoki; Kolaczyk, Eric D.; Kasif, Simon (Public Library of Science, 2007-3-28)
    Dramatic improvements in high throughput sequencing technologies have led to a staggering growth in the number of predicted genes. However, a large fraction of these newly discovered genes do not have a functional assignment. ...
  • A Three-Stage Approach for Genome-Wide Association Studies with Family Data for Quantitative Traits 

    Chen, Ming-Huei; Larson, Martin G.; Hsu, Yi-Hsiang; Peloso, Gina M.; Guo, Chao-Yu; Fox, Caroline S.; Atwood, Larry D.; Yang, Qiong (BioMed Central, 2010-5-14)
    BACKGROUND. Genome-wide association (GWA) studies that use population-based association approaches may identify spurious associations in the presence of population admixture. In this paper, we propose a novel three-stage ...
  • Identification of Polymorphisms Explaining a Linkage Signal: Application to the GAW14 Simulated Data 

    Chen, Ming-Huei; Van Eerdewegh, Paul; Dupuis, Josée (BioMed Central, 2005-12-30)
    We applied three approaches for the identification of polymorphisms explaining the linkage evidence to the Genetic Analysis Workshop 14 simulated data: 1) the genotype-IBD sharing test (GIST); 2) an approach suggested by ...
  • Integration of Relational and Hierarchical Network Information for Protein Function Prediction 

    Jiang, Xiaoyu; Nariai, Naoki; Steffen, Martin; Kasif, Simon; Kolaczyk, Eric D. (BioMed Central, 2008-8-22)
    BACKGROUND. In the current climate of high-throughput computational biology, the inference of a protein's function from related measurements, such as protein-protein interaction relations, has become a canonical task. Most ...

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