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This collection contains supplementary materials, software, datasets, etc, related to the CNR Lab at Boston University's Sargent College.

Recently Added

  • Noninvasive neurostimulation of left ventral motor cortex enhances sensorimotor adaptation in speech production 

    Scott, Terri; Haenchen, Laura; Daliri, Ayoub; Chartove, Julia; Guenther, Frank; Perrachione, Tyler
    Sensorimotor adaptation¬—enduring changes to motor commands due to sensory feedback—allows speakers to match their articulations to intended speech acoustics. How the brain integrates auditory feedback to modify speech ...
  • Time and information in perceptual adaptation to speech 

    Perrachione, Tyler; Choi, Ja Young
    Perceptual adaptation to a talker enables listeners to efficiently resolve the many-to-many mapping between variable speech acoustics and abstract linguistic representations. However, models of speech perception have not ...
  • Speaker recognition across languages 

    Perrachione, Tyler K. (Oxford University Press, 2017)
    Listeners identify voices more accurately in their native language than an unknown, foreign language, in a phenomenon known as the language-familiarity effect in talker identification. This effect has been reliably observed ...
  • Learning to identify emotional voices 

    Perrachione, Tyler; Wong, Patrick (2017)
    Recognizing people by the sound of their voice is an important social skill. What listeners hear as a talker's “voice” is a highly variable signal, the acoustic features of which can change dramatically depending on ...
  • Pitch contour perception test (PCPT) 

    Perrachione, Tyler K. (2014-08-06)
    A computer-based assessment in PsychoPy to ascertain aptitude for lexical tone learning. The zip archive includes stimulus files, stimulus-presentation scripts, methods and procedure descriptions, and an annotated bibliography. ...