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This collection contains supplementary materials, software, datasets, etc, related to the CNR Lab at Boston University's Sargent College.

Recently Added

  • Speaker recognition across languages 

    Perrachione, Tyler K. (Oxford University Press, 2017)
    Listeners identify voices more accurately in their native language than an unknown, foreign language, in a phenomenon known as the language-familiarity effect in talker identification. This effect has been reliably observed ...
  • Learning to identify emotional voices 

    Perrachione, Tyler; Wong, Patrick (2017)
    Recognizing people by the sound of their voice is an important social skill. What listeners hear as a talker's “voice” is a highly variable signal, the acoustic features of which can change dramatically depending on ...
  • Talker identification is not improved by lexical access in the absence of familiar phonology 

    McLaughlin, Deirdre; Cheng, Cheng; Perrachione, Tyler
    Listeners identify talkers more accurately when they are familiar with both the sounds and words of the language being spoken. It is unknown whether lexical information alone can facilitate talker identification in the ...
  • Pitch contour perception test (PCPT) 

    Perrachione, Tyler K. (2014-08-06)
    A computer-based assessment in PsychoPy to ascertain aptitude for lexical tone learning. The zip archive includes stimulus files, stimulus-presentation scripts, methods and procedure descriptions, and an annotated bibliography. ...