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The Boston University Open Access Articles collection contains scholarly publications written by Boston University faculty. This collection primarily consists of scholarly journal articles and published conference proceedings but open access book chapters, reviews, white papers, conference abstracts, and technical reports are also included. These publications are made available in OpenBU, Boston University’s Open Access Institutional Repository under the provisions of the Boston University Open Access Policy or by other arrangement. Note: Some works in this collection are not currently in open access, and are embargoed at the author's request.

Publications in Boston University’s Open Access collection are primarily one of three versions:

  • First Author Draft. This is the author's manuscript prior to formal peer review.
  • Accepted Manuscript. This is the version that exists after peer review, but before final copy editing and publisher formatting. Note: This is NOT publisher proofs.
  • Published Version. This is the final version that appeared in a formal publication such as a peer-reviewed journal, book, or published conference proceeding.

Citations are always given to the final published version, which may differ from the version made available in the repository. Wherever possible, a link or DOI to the final version is provided.

For more information please see the FAQ about Open Access at BU or contact Digital Scholarship Services at

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Recently Added

  • Modular microfluidic design automation using machine learning 

    Lashkaripour, Ali; Rodriguez, Christopher; Mehdipour, Noushin; McIntyre, David; Densmore, Douglas (11th International Workshop on Bio-Design Automation (IWBDA-19), 2019-07-10)
    Microfluidics is the science of handling liquids inside sub-millimeter microchannels at nano-liter and pico-liter scales. This volume reduction enables increased resolution, sensitivity, and throughput, while, reducing the ...
  • Spinning horizontal axis wind turbine 

    Blonder, Greg (2012-01-19)
    A spinning horizontal axis wind turbine is disclosed. The blades of the wind turbine are configured to allow the blades to simultaneously rotate in a vertical axis and a horizontal axis when acted upon by an external force ...
  • Illumination devices comprising white light emitting diodes and diode arrays and method and apparatus for making them 

    Blonder, Greg; Amaya, Edmar (2007-01-11)
    In accordance with the invention, an illumination device comprises a substrate (103) having a surface and a cavity in the surface. At least one light emitting diode (“LED”) is mounted within the cavity (104), and a monolayer ...
  • Touch-sensitive screen with mechanical selectable label-displays 

    Blonder, Greg (1996-04-17)
    A multi-function device such as a combined PDA and wireless display telephone (20) uses a display and input device (30) that includes a touch-sensitive membrane (10) underlayed by a manually-operated mechanical label-display ...
  • Light emitting diode package assembly that emulates the light pattern produced by an incandescent filament bulb 

    Mazzochette, Joseph; Amaya, Edmar; Li, Lin; Blonder, Greg (2007-01-11)
    A light emitting diode package assembly is provided to emulate the pattern of light produced by an incandescent filament bulb. The package assembly (100) is composed of a substrate ( 106A,B) for LEDs (102) comprising a ...
  • Thermally movable plastic devices 

    Blonder, Greg (2005-12-29)
    In accordance with the invention, thin bodies of plastic, such as sheets or strands, with substantially different thermal coefficients of expansion are laminated together to make plastic bodies which move in response to ...
  • Light efficient LED assembly including a shaped reflective cavity and method for making same 

    Harrah, Shane; Blonder, Greg (2010-05-18)
    A method for making an efficient light emitting diode (LED) assembly by providing a thermally conductive base having a surface cavity, disposing a reflective paste in the surface cavity, and shaping the reflective paste ...
  • Multi-mode listening apparatus 

    Blonder, Greg (2014-09-11)
    A headset apparatus including a headband having two end portions, each of the end portions comprising an angled hinge having two opposing ends. The apparatus further includes at least two speakers, each of the speakers ...
  • Thermally movable plastic devices and toys 

    Blonder, Greg (2002-05-23)
    In accordance with the invention, thin bodies of plastic, such as sheets or strands, with substantially different thermal coefficients of expansion are laminated together to make plastic bodies which move in response to ...
  • Apparatus for angle cleaving optical fibers 

    Blonder, Greg; Johnson, Bertrand Harold; Paola, Carl Ralph (1995-02-08)
    In accordance with the invention, apparatus for cleaving optical fiber utilizes a pair of displaceable clamping surfaces to rotate the fiber about its axis before the cleaving step. Specifically, the apparatus comprises ...

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