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The Boston University Open Access Articles collection contains scholarly publications written by Boston University faculty. This collection primarily consists of scholarly journal articles and published conference proceedings but open access book chapters, reviews, white papers, conference abstracts, and technical reports are also included. These publications are made available in OpenBU, Boston University’s Open Access Institutional Repository under the provisions of the Boston University Open Access Policy or by other arrangement. Note: Some works in this collection are not currently in open access, and are embargoed at the author's request.

Publications in Boston University’s Open Access collection are primarily one of three versions:

  • First Author Draft. This is the author's manuscript prior to formal peer review.
  • Accepted Manuscript. This is the version that exists after peer review, but before final copy editing and publisher formatting. Note: This is NOT publisher proofs.
  • Published Version. This is the final version that appeared in a formal publication such as a peer-reviewed journal, book, or published conference proceeding.

Citations are always given to the final published version, which may differ from the version made available in the repository. Wherever possible, a link or DOI to the final version is provided.

For more information please see the FAQ about Open Access at BU or contact Digital Scholarship Services at

Collections in this community

Recently Added

  • Efficient large-scale microfluidic design-space exploration: from data to model to data 

    Lashkaripour, Ali; McIntyre, David; Densmore, Douglas (IWBDA, 2020-08-03)
    Droplet microfluidics is well poised to improve the gold standard in many fields such as synthetic biology. However, the lack of available design automation tools that can create a microfluidic droplet generator based on ...
  • Active learning for efficient microfluidic design automation 

    McIntyre, David; Lashkaripour, Ali; Densmore, Douglas (IWBDA, 2020-08-03)
    Droplet microfluidics has the potential to eliminate the testing bottleneck in synthetic biology by screening biological samples encapsulated in water-in-oil emulsions at unprecedented throughput. Sophisticated screens ...
  • On the Chinese character 吃 (eat) 

    Huang, Weijia; Hsueh, Aaron (The Commercial Press, Beijing China, 2020-07-01)
  • On the Chinese character 卫 (guard) 

    Huang, Weijia; Hsueh, Aaron; Sun, Jiahui (The Commercial Press, Beijing China, 2020-05-01)
  • On the Chinese character 品 (varieties) 

    Huang, Weijia; Tan, Yunfei (The Commercial Press, Beijing China, 2020-03-01)
  • Stable multi-level monotonic eroders 

    Gács, Péter; Törmä, Ilkka (2018)
    Eroders are monotonic cellular automata with a linearly ordered state set that eventually wipe out any finite island of nonzero states. One-dimensional eroders were studied by Gal’perin in the 1970s, who presented a simple ...
  • Assessment of text level using deep learning methods 

    Henstock, Mariko; Winchell, Jeff; Henstock, Peter (2019-05-05)
    Reading authentic materials is important for not only language instruction but for empowering language students to pursue their interests. However, given the difficulty in learning the Japanese language, identifying materials ...
  • Presentations at the novice level: connecting presentation skills and content 

    Henstock, Mariko; Yamanaka, Emi (2020-03-19)
    言語教育の中では、初級から上級に至るまでスピーチや研究発表等の口頭発表が言語能力やスキルの向上を目的として取り入れられている。コミュニケーションにはinterpretive, interpersonal, presentationalのモードがあるが、初級段階では文法や語彙を重視した旅行や家族等の日常生活についての話題が多く (和泉元他2005)、 presentational モードについては中級以降の研究発表等で指導が行われる場合が ...
  • Navigating space for personal agency: auxiliary routines as adaptations in toxic organizations 

    Kahn, William A.; Rouse, Elizabeth D. (Academy of Management, 2020)
    Many workers experience organization dysfunction stemming from leaders. Yet organization members have limited responses; they can directly or indirectly confront senior leaders, engage individual stress coping strategies, ...
  • On hypocrisy 

    Wexelblatt, Robert (2020-07-04)
    An informal essay on the topic of hypocrisy

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