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Recently Added

  • Engaging Youth in Local Government: Lessons from the Boston Region 

    Augsberger, Astraea; Collins, Mary; Gecker, Whitney; Lusk, Katharine; Tena, Francesco; Davis, Shari (Boston University Initiative on Cities, 2016-10-20)
    There is widespread consensus that young people have a right to be directly involved in decisions that affect them, and an understanding that adults are the ones who must create formal pathways of engagement. Yet there ...
  • The One Fund Boston: Lessons for Leaders 

    Yesnowitz, Joshua Corie (Initiative on Cities, Boston University, 2014)
    Established in the immediate aftermath of the April 2013 Boston Marathon bombing, the One Fund Boston disbursed $61 million dollars in donations to survivors and victims’ families within two months of its launch. The scale ...