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The School of Theology at Boston University is the oldest Methodist theological seminary in North America, and the founding School of our University. With guidance from our ecumenical faculty, students explore programs in comparative theology, world Christianity and missions, and evangelism encompassing the full theological spectrum of Christian engagement with the world. As seminarians, students also benefit from our participation in the Boston Theological Institute by registering for classes, using the libraries, or attending special lectures or workshops for classes at any of the nine theological schools in the consortium.

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  • Journal of African Christian Biography: v. 4, no. 3 

    Sigg, Michele; Acolatse, Esther E.; Oduro, Thomas; Mugambi, J.N.K.; Sibanda, Eliakim; Mkole, Jean-Claude Loba; Restrick, Beth (Dictionary of African Christian Biography, 2019-07)
  • Focus: Summer 2015 

    Moore, Mary Elizabeth; Dietterich, Paul; De La Rosa, Cristian; Wolfteich, Claire E.; Heschel, Susannah; Brooks, Cornell William; Thurston, Andrew; Ehrlich, Lara (Boston University School of Theology, 2015)
  • Focus: Spring 2016 

    Lightsey, Pamela; Dyck, Sally; Gordon, Art J.; Salimi, Barbod; Fluker, Walter Earl; Jacobsen, David Schnasa; Popper, Lindsay; Thurston, Andrew; Ehrlich, Lara; Butler, Joey; White-Hammond, Mariama (Boston University School of Theology, 2016)
  • Focus: Spring 2014 

    Ehrlich, Lara; Thurston, Andrew; Rattey, Julie; Neville, Robert Cummings; Patridge, Cameron; Budwey, Stephanie A.; Roldan-Figueroa, Rady; Goto, Courtney T.; Weaver, Bishop Peter D.; Karpf, Ted; Sheppard, Phillis Isabella (Boston University School of Theology, 2014)
  • Focus: Summer 2018 

    Cook, Julian Armand; Brooks, Cornell William; Copeland, Rebecca; Stewart, Alicia Velez; Brown, Christopher Boyd; Young, Nikki; Choi, Hee An; Moore, Mary Elizabeth; Barlow, Rich; Ehrlich, Lara; Jones, Haley; Thurston, Andrew; Woolhouse, Megan (Boston University School of Theology, 2018)
  • Focus: Spring 2019 

    Salimi, Barbod; Coleman, Karen; Williams, Montague; Roldan-Figueroa, Rady; Rambo, Shelly; Ehrlich, Lara; McAlpine, Kat J.; Thurston, Andrew. (Boston University School of Theology, 2019)
  • Focus: Summer 2017 

    Christian, Micah; Calvillo, Jonathan; Grenfell-Lee, Tallessyn Zawn; Carter, Lawrence Edward, Sr.; Davies, Mark Y. A.; Wariboko, Nimi; Rambikur, Laura; Ehrlich, Lara; Thurston, Andrew; Bloesch, Jen; Goldberg, Michael S.; Jahnke, Art (Boston University School of Theology, 2017)
  • Journal of African Christian Biography: v. 3, no. 2 

    Robert, Dana L.; Daneel, Marthinus Louis; Chimininge, Vengesai; Bonk, Jonathan (Dictionary of African Christian Biography, 2018-04)
  • Journal of African Christian Biography: v. 3, no. 1 

    Allen, Gabriel Leonard; Mahoney, Asi Florence; Thiani, Evangelos; Hayes, Stephen; Pirouet, Louise (Dictionary of African Christian Biography, 2018-01)
  • Journal of African Christian Biography: v. 2, no. 4 

    Amanze, James Nathaniel; Hodgson, Janet; Quinn, Frederick; Masenya, Madipoane; Mugambi, Jesse N.K. (Dictionary of African Christian Biography, 2017-10)

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