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Boston University’s Chemistry Department is committed to excellence in both scientific research and teaching. The department has grown significantly over the past decade in the number and quality of its faculty and in its research facilities. Chemistry offers BA, MA, and PhD degrees, and faculty participate in interdisciplinary programs and research in the Photonics Research Center; the Center for Computational Science; the Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, & Biochemistry Program; the Bioinformatics Program; the School of Medicine; and the College of Engineering.


Department chair: Lawrence Ziegler
Campus address: 590 Commonwealth Avenue, Room 299
Phone: 617-353-2500
Fax: 617-353-6466

Collections in this community

Recently Added

  • Canvass: a crowd-sourced, natural-product screening library for exploring biological space 

    Kearney, Sara E.; Zahoranszky-Kohalmi, Gergely; Brimacombe, Kyle R.; Henderson, Mark J.; Lynch, Caitlin; Zhao, Tongan; Wan, Kanny K.; Itkin, Zina; Dillon, Christopher; Shen, Min; Cheff, Dorian M.; Lee, Tobie D.; Bougie, Danielle; Cheng, Ken; Coussens, Nathan P.; Dorjsuren, Dorjbal; Eastman, Richard T.; Huang, Ruili; Iannotti, Michael J.; Karavadhi, Surendra; Klumpp-Thomas, Carleen; Roth, Jacob S.; Sakamuru, Srilatha; Sun, Wei; Titus, Steven A.; Yasgar, Adam; Zhang, Ya-Qin; Zhao, Jinghua; Andrade, Rodrigo B.; Brown, M Kevin; Burns, Noah Z.; Cha, Jin K.; Mevers, Emily E.; Clardy, Jon; Clement, Jason A.; Crooks, Peter A.; Cuny, Gregory D.; Ganor, Jake; Moreno, Jesus; Morrill, Lucas A.; Picazo, Elias; Susick, Robert B.; Garg, Neil K.; Goess, Brian C.; Grossman, Robert B.; Hughes, Chambers C.; Johnston, Jeffrey N.; Joullie, Madeleine M.; Kinghorn, A. Douglas; Kingston, David G. I.; Krische, Michael J.; Kwon, Ohyun; Maimone, Thomas J.; Majumdar, Susruta; Maloney, Katherine N.; Mohamed, Enas; Murphy, Brian T.; Nagorny, Pavel; Olson, David E.; Overman, Larry E.; Brown, Lauren E.; Snyder, John K.; Porco, John A.; Rivas, Fatima; Ross, Samir A.; Sarpong, Richmond; Sharma, Indrajeet; Shaw, Jared T.; Xu, Zhengren; Shen, Ben; Shi, Wei; Stephenson, Corey R. J.; Verano, Alyssa L.; Tan, Derek S.; Tang, Yi; Taylor, Richard E.; Thomson, Regan J.; Vosburg, David A.; Wu, Jimmy; Wuest, William M.; Zakarian, Armen; Zhang, Yufeng; Ren, Tianjing; Zuo, Zhong; Inglese, James; Michael, Sam; Simeonov, Anton; Zheng, Wei; Shinn, Paul; Jadhav, Ajit; Boxer, Matthew B.; Hall, Matthew D.; Xia, Menghang; Guha, Rajarshi; Rohde, Jason M. (American Chemical Society, 2018-12-26)
  • Structural basis for species-selective targeting of Hsp90 in a pathogenic fungus 

    Whitesell, Luke; Robbins, Nicole; Huang, David S.; McLellan, Catherine A.; Shekhar-Guturja, Tanvi; LeBlanc, Emmanuelle V.; Nation, Catherine S.; Hui, Raymond; Hutchinson, Ashley; Collins, Cathy; Chatterjee, Sharanya; Trilles, Richard; Xie, Jinglin L.; Krysan, Damian J.; Lindquist, Susan; Porco, John A.; Tatu, Utpal; Brown, Lauren E.; Pizarro, Juan; Cowen, Leah E. (Nature Publishing Group, 2019-01-24)
  • Oxo-aglaiastatin-mediated inhibition of translation initiation 

    Maiga, Rayelle Itoua; Cencic, Regina; Chu, Jennifer; Waller, Daniel D.; Brown, Lauren E.; Devine, William G.; Zhang, Wenhan; Sebag, Michael; Porco, John A.; Pelletier, Jerry (Nature Publishing Group, 2019-02-04)
  • Asymmetric synthesis of gonytolide A: strategic use of an aryl halide blocking group for oxidative coupling 

    Wu, Xiaowei; Iwata, Takayuki; Scharf, Adam; Qin, Tian; Reichl, Kyle D.; Porco, John A. (American Chemical Society, 2018-05-09)
    The first synthesis of the chromanone lactone dimer gonytolide A has been achieved employing vanadium(V)-mediated oxidative coupling of the monomer gonytolide C. An o-bromine blocking group strategy was employed to favor ...
  • Femtosecond photonic viral inactivation probed using solid-state nanopores 

    Nazari, Mina; Li, Xiaoqing; Alibakhshi, Mohammad Amin; Yang, Haojie; Souza, Kathleen; Gillespie, Christopher; Gummuluru, Suryaram; Hong, Mi K.; Reinhard, Björn M.; Korolev, Kirill S.; Ziegler, Lawrence D.; Zhao, Qing; Wanunu, Meni; Erramilli, Shyamsunder (IOP Publishing, 2018-09-04)
    We report on detection of virus inactivation using femtosecond laser radiation by measuring the conductance of a solid state nanopore designed for detecting single particles. Conventional methods of assaying for viral ...
  • Chemical tunnel-splitting-engineering in a dysprosium-based molecular nanomagnet 

    Sorensen, Mikkel A.; Hansen, Ursula B.; Perfetti, Mauro; Pedersen, Kasper S.; Bartolome, Elena; Simeoni, Giovanna G.; Mutka, Hannu; Rols, Stephane; Jeong, Minki; Zivkovic, Ivica; Retuerto, Maria; Arauzo, Ana; Bartolome, Juan; Piligkos, Stergios; Weihe, Hogni; Doerrer, Linda H.; van Slageren, Joris; Ronnow, Henrik M.; Lefmann, Kim; Bendix, Jesper (Nature Publishing Group, 2018-03-29)
    Total control over the electronic spin relaxation in molecular nanomagnets is the ultimate goal in the design of new molecules with evermore realizable applications in spin-based devices. For single-ion lanthanide systems, ...
  • Sensitization of renal carcinoma cells to TRAIL-induced apoptosis by rocaglamide and analogs 

    Nalli, Ancy D.; Brown, Lauren E.; Thomas, Cheryl L.; Sayers, Thomas J.; Porco, John A.; Henrich, Curtis J. (Nature Publishing Group, 2018-11-30)
    Rocaglamide has been reported to sensitize several cell types to TRAIL-induced apoptosis. In recent years, advances in synthetic techniques have led to generation of novel rocaglamide analogs. However, these have not been ...
  • A photochemical flow reactor for large scale syntheses of aglain and rocaglate natural product analogues 

    Yueh, Han; Gao, Qiwen; Porco, John A.; Beeler, Aaron B. (PERGAMON-ELSEVIER SCIENCE LTD, 2017-12-01)
    Herein, we report the development of continuous flow photoreactors for large scale ESIPT-mediated [3+2]-photocycloaddition of 2-(p-methoxyphenyl)-3-hydroxyflavone and cinnamate-derived dipolarophiles. These reactors can ...
  • High-throughput screening in larval zebrafish identifies novel potent sedative-hypnotics 

    Yang, Xiaoxuan; Jounaidi, Youssef; Dai, Jennifer B.; Marte-Oquendo, Francisco; Halpin, Elizabeth S.; Brown, Lauren E.; Trilles, Richard; Xu, Wenqing; Daigle, Renee; Yu, Buwei; Schaus, Scott E.; Porco, John A.; Forman, Stuart A. (LIPPINCOTT WILLIAMS & WILKINS, 2018-09-01)
    BACKGROUND: Many general anesthetics were discovered empirically, but primary screens to find new sedative-hypnotics in drug libraries have not used animals, limiting the types of drugs discovered. The authors hypothesized ...
  • Experimental maps of DNA structure at nucleotide resolution distinguish intrinsic from protein-induced DNA deformations 

    Azad, Robert N.; Zafiropoulos, Dana; Ober, Douglas; Jiang, Yining; Chiu, Tsu-Pei; Sagendorf, Jared M.; Rohs, Remo; Tullius, Thomas D. (Oxford University Press, 2018-03-16)
    Recognition of DNA by proteins depends on DNA sequence and structure. Often unanswered is whether the structure of naked DNA persists in a protein–DNA complex, or whether protein binding changes DNA shape. While X-ray ...

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