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The Boston University Institute for Sustainable Energy is a university-wide center dedicated to accelerating the transition to a sustainable, climate-safe global energy system. Through interdisciplinary research, policy analysis, and collaborative engagement, our mission is to ensure that the energy systems of the world provide abundant, sustainable, and universally accessible energy services to both emerging and advanced economies.

The Institute for Sustainable Energy focuses on four research areas:

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  • Bringing power and progress to Africa in a financially and environmentally sustainable manner 

    Stuebi, Richard; Adukonu, Edem; Wang, Peishan; Zhang, Ted; Yue, Xin; Ren, Justin (Boston University Institute for Sustainable Energy, 2020-04)
    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: The future of electricity supply and delivery on the continent of Africa represents one of the thorniest challenges facing professionals in the global energy, economics, finance, environmental, ...
  • Pooling stated and revealed preference data in the presence of RP endogeneity 

    Helveston, John P.; Feit, Elea McDonnell; Michalek, Jeremy J. (Elsevier, 2018-03)
    Pooled discrete choice models combine revealed preference (RP) data and stated preference (SP) data to exploit advantages of each. SP data is often treated with suspicion because consumers may respond differently in a ...
  • Final report: Workshop on: Integrating electric mobility systems with the grid infrastructure 

    Cassandras, Christos G.; Fox-Penner, Peter; Kelly, Henry (Boston University Institute for Sustainable Energy, 2019-11)
    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: This document is a report on the workshop entitled “Integrating Electric Mobility Systems with the Grid Infrastructure” which was held at Boston University on November 6-7 with the sponsorship of the ...
  • Carbon Free Boston: Summary report 2019 

    Boston University Institute for Sustainable Energy (Boston University Institute for Sustainable Energy, 2019)
    PROJECT OVERVIEW: In 2016, Mayor Martin J. Walsh signed the Metro Mayors Climate Mitigation Commitment, pledging to make Boston carbon neutral by 2050, and asked the Boston Green Ribbon Commission (GRC) to establish a ...
  • Carbon Free Boston: Social equity report 2019 

    Boston University Institute for Sustainable Energy; Cleveland, Cutler; Stanton, Liz; Woods, Bryndis; Martin, Atyia; Fortune, D’Janapha; Walsh, Michael; Castigliego, Joshua; Perez, Taylor; Galante, Emma (Boston University Institute for Sustainable Energy, 2019)
    OVERVIEW: In January 2019, the Boston Green Ribbon Commission released its Carbon Free Boston: Summary Report, identifying potential options for the City of Boston to meet its goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2050. The ...
  • Carbon Free Boston: Technical Summary 

    Walsh, Michael J.; Kinney, Patrick L.; Levy, Jonathan I.; Tallon, Lindsay; Skipper, Nash; Russell, Armistead; Castigliego, Joshua R.; Pollack, Adam; Zheng, Kevin; Cleveland, Cutler J. (2019-05-15)
    OVERVIEW: This technical summary is intended to argument the rest of the Carbon Free Boston technical reports that seek to achieve this goal of deep mitigation. This document provides below: a rationale for carbon neutrality, ...
  • Carbon Free Boston: Buildings Technical Report 

    Hatchadorian, Rebecca; Best, Rob; Wholey, Katie; Calven, Alexandra; Levine, Erica; Tepfer, Sara; Swett, Brian; Walsh, Michael J.; Pollack, Adam; Perez, Taylor; Castigliego, Joshua R.; Cleveland, Cutler J. (2019-05-15)
    OVERVIEW: Boston is known for its historic iconic buildings, from the Paul Revere House in the North End, to City Hall in Government Center, to the Old South Meeting House in Downtown Crossing, to the African Meeting ...
  • Carbon Free Boston: Energy Technical Report 

    Walsh, Michael J.; Fox-Penner, Peter; Zheng, Kevin; Pollack, Adam; Cleveland, Cutler J. (2019-05-15)
    INTRODUCTION: The adoption of clean energy in Boston’s buildings and transportation systems will produce sweeping changes in the quantity and composition of the city’s demand for fuel and electricity. The demand ...
  • Carbon Free Boston: Waste Technical Report 

    Castigliego, Joshua R.; Walsh, Michael J.; Pollack, Adam; Cleveland, Cutler J. (2019-05-15)
    OVERVIEW: For many people, their most perceptible interaction with their environmental footprint is through the waste that they generate. On a daily basis people have numerous opportunities to decide whether to recycle, ...
  • Carbon Free Boston: Offsets Technical Report 

    Maron, Ariella; Zheng, Kevin; Walsh, Michael J.; Fox-Penner, Peter; Cutler, Cleveland J. (2019-05-15)
    OVERVIEW: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency defines offsets as a specific activity or set of activities intended to reduce GHG emissions, increase the storage of carbon, or enhance GHG removals from the atmosphere ...

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